Receiving and dispatching of goods

Receiving and dispatching of goods Service

Receiving goods from suppliers is a fundamental part of retailing. Due to the potential financial losses that can result, it is critical that staff follow the related procedures to ensure that this is done effectively. While different procedures apply to different merchandise, the following are typical procedures that our

Professional team follows while receiving and dispatch procedures.

Receiving Goods

  1. Goods are for your store
  2. Goods have been ordered
  3. Goods received agree with order and invoice quantity, description and quality.
  4. Goods are not signed for before they are thoroughly checked
  5. If invoice is not received with goods, there must be provision to process it in the correct manner when it is received
  6. Goods are correctly ticketed and immediately placed on the selling floor
  7. Pre-sold goods allocated for earliest possible delivery
  8. Damaged or incorrect goods are rejected and arrangements made for immediate repair or replacement – delivery slip marked accordingly
  9. Stock held in reserve promptly ticketed after inspection and carefully stored
  10. Reserves are organised so that oldest items will be drawn first for the selling floor or for delivery
  11. Daily Goods Received record kept and processed with all relevant invoices and/or delivery dockets
  12. Receiving area kept clear at all times and rigid security adhered to

Dispatching Goods

  1. Dispatch person alert to false or incorrect paperwork
  2. Ensure customers are notified of impending delivery – address checked and any money collected carefully documented so driver cannot overlook it
  3. Double check goods to be delivered are correct in quantity, description and quality
  4. Damaged goods not dispatched unless agreement from customer
  5. Regularly check loaded vehicles to ensure packing is satisfactory and only the items to be delivered are in the vehicle
  6. Ensure you are satisfied with the appearance of the vehicle and the driver – they create a lasting impression
  7. Maintain daily goods delivered records – ensure drivers sign for goods in good order and condition
  8. All paperwork processed promptly

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