About Us.

Company Profile

The provision of road transport solutions within UAE . This is especially the case withs pecialized transport associated moving & shifting, pick& drop.Experienced road transport operators, especially those that deliver a high quality, skilled& experienced. One such company is Kamla Transport, which has almost completed two decades.With humble beginnings in 2010 the company has grown to become the road cargo transport and logistics solution choice of allwho needs to move their stuff from one end to another.

Our vision

Kamla Transportaims to provide affordable, one stop cargoand warehouse services for all types of road transportation within UAE. We strive to be the most successful transportation and company in the regional industry and tocontinually improve our market share by offering competitive rates in conjunction with superior service,optimal use of available resources, innovation and cost saving initiatives.

The company aims to maintain and grow on its high profile in the market by:

  • Maintaining serviceexcellence
  • Providing superior transport solutions according to each needs
  • Treating staff and customers with respect and honesty
  • Appointing high quality staff (vetted by extensive background checks)
  • Developing new and innovative ways to safely and cost effectively transportcargo
  • Offering customers,a dedicated, personalizedservice

Service Delivery Vehicles at Kamla Group of Companies.

Kamla Transport is comprehensively equipped with a wide range of wellmaintained transportation vehicles. To ensure a high quality,efficient and prompt service.Our vehicles are regularly serviced and strictly maintained to set manufacturer maintenance schedules. A high level of driver training maintains the excellent standard of our fleet.

Hilux Double Cabin\Single Cabin

Pickup 1-3 ton



Delivery Vans

Chiller Vans

Expertise in transport and cargosolutions

Our company is known for the out standing rapport it has with all relevant employees and managers, and its ability to get all goods on site without damage and on time. KamlaTransportis highly respected by its clients, because the company is organized and thoroug hinit splanning and paper work.It is alway sontime.Our company understands the need to improve the quality of service provision and has both quality control and performance measurements in place. In addition,weascribe to a Corporate Social Responsibility plan.

Delivery performance and tracking

To ensure the continued delivery of our high quality and prompt services, the following measures are in place:

  • Driver performance is continually monitored to ensure the safety of the drivers, vehicles and goods transported•
  • Delivery times on all routes are strictly monitored
  • All trucks are equipped with mobile phones
  • Stock lists or transported items related papers are provided t othe clients by calls or email.

The seme asures mean that goods arrive safely and on time,and that as a company wear econstantly aware of the where abouts o four vehicles.Inaddition,we provide our clients with constantly updated and costeffective general stock transport.

Health and safety

We are committed to ensuring that the cargo of our customers reaches all destinations safely and without any setbacks. Similarly, the health and safety of all our employees is very important to us.In this regard, extensive occupational Health and Safety procedures have been implemented, and all Health and Safety regulations are strictly adhered to.We have implemented a strict Alcohol and Drug Policy ,and random checks are implemented throughout Kamla Transportonal lpersonnel. Apolicy of “No Tolerance”is enforced.